Didn’t Know You Were There

Often I have encountered a blind friend riding the bus only to find out that they were at the same event I attended, although neither of us knew the other was there. I'm sure this happens to sighted folks as well, but it's particularly frustrating when you need to talk to someone to learn later that you missed the chance because you couldn't wander around and spot them… Continue Reading Didn’t Know You Were There

Upcoming #a11ychat on Monday, July 23!

Our next #a11y on Twitter is coming up on Monday.  This month we will feature Glenda Sims and Sharon Rush, and our topic is: "Disability be Damned! When Accessibility Brings Independence, Games, Art & Adventures to Life".  And, yes, that title is under 140 characters. The topic is apropos given that Deque has just announced our amazing Amaze plug-in, and the whispers about the Deque… Continue Reading Upcoming #a11ychat on Monday, July 23!

Amaze on the Social Times

Deque's newest offering, Amaze, has been featured on the Social Times.  Read the full article here. Social Times is a news website dedicated to covering the people, business and culture of emerging social networks. If you would like to learn more about Amaze or would like to schedule a demo, please visit https://www.deque.com/amaze

Prepare to be Amazed…

Amaze Accessibility Overlay Here at Deque we are always pursuing new innovations in web accessibility, and we believe that our newest offering is a real game-changer.  I am very happy to announce a completely new and revolutionary software platform called Amaze that expands the ways that web sites and mobile applications can be made accessible to all users. Amaze provides companies with a faster and… Continue Reading Prepare to be Amazed…