Deque Employee Profile: Jeff Miller

jeff miller

What do you do at Deque and how long have you been here? I started working at Deque in February 2012 as a Senior Software Engineer. As an engineer I worked on Android applications and accessibility assessments. I was part of the Amaze development team. Since November, I have transitioned into the Director of Customer Experience. In this role I am tasked with providing customers… Continue Reading Deque Employee Profile: Jeff Miller

Prepare to be Amazed…

Amaze Accessibility Overlay Here at Deque we are always pursuing new innovations in web accessibility, and we believe that our newest offering is a real game-changer.  I am very happy to announce a completely new and revolutionary software platform called Amaze that expands the ways that web sites and mobile applications can be made accessible to all users. Amaze provides companies with a faster and… Continue Reading Prepare to be Amazed…

CSUN 2011: Special Events, Presentations, and More!

We're very excited about CSUN 2011, the web accessibility industry's leading conference! This year, we're presenting several top-notch papers, and have two very special evening events planned. First, let's talk about the presentations. We've got something for everyone. For starters, "Worldspace FireEyes: a Free Tool for AJAX Application Development". Or maybe you're interested in something like, "Managing Accessibility Compliance in the Enterprise". Mobile applications are… Continue Reading CSUN 2011: Special Events, Presentations, and More!