Pragmatica11y: Web Accessibility Best Practices

Pragmatica11y: Web Accessibility Best Practices

Continuing our end of the year wrap-up, we are highlighting some of the best accessibility blog posts from 2013. Denis Boudreau's Pragmatica11y series was a popular feature on the Deque blog this year. Pick and choose the blog topics that interest you, or read them all, starting with the first in the series! Pragmatic Accessibility Welcome to "Pragmatica11y" Denis introduces his new blog column Pragmatica11y… Continue Reading Pragmatica11y: Web Accessibility Best Practices

Pragmatica11y: Understanding the Basics of Web Accessibility Testing

Pragmatically with Denis Bourdeau

In the last few blog posts from this column, we've discussed the importance of focusing on core accessibility rules when it comes to tackling web accessibility requirements so designers and developers really understand what the different WCAG 2.0 guidelines and Success Criteria mean. Prior to that, we had also discussed the importance of leaving designers and developers some breathing room so they could come up… Continue Reading Pragmatica11y: Understanding the Basics of Web Accessibility Testing

Pragmatica11y: Teaching Accessibility Core Rules

Pragmatically with Denis Bourdeau

Following in the footsteps of the discussion initiated last month, allow me to go further down the path of the so-called "accessibility core rules" as we cover the remaining accessibility principles that are operable, understandable, and robust. A lot of people have written on the POUR principles over the past four and a half years. My intent is not to do that all over again… Continue Reading Pragmatica11y: Teaching Accessibility Core Rules

Deque at AccessU

I am accessibible badge

This week is John Slatin's AccessU presented by Knowbility.  AccessU is a three-day instructional conference comprised of educational sessions by accessibility experts from across the continent, and Deque is a very proud sponson of AccesU.  Our very own Paul Adam, Denis Boudreau, Barry Johnson, and Glenda Sims are all presenting this year. Earlier today, Glenda gave a presentation on accessibility and gamification titled, "Accessibility is Broken: A… Continue Reading Deque at AccessU

Pragmatica11y: Perception is everything

Pragmatically with Denis Bourdeau

Back when I was a student in classic literature and creative writing some 20 years ago, one of our teachers showed how perception is often more important than the message we mean to convey. On the very first day, as we entered the room, seven words were written on the blackboard: "A woman without her man is nothing." The teacher was standing in the front… Continue Reading Pragmatica11y: Perception is everything

May #a11ychat

hands raised

Town Hall with Shawn Lauriat from Google Our next #a11ychat will take place on May 20th from 4-5pm EDT (note the time change!), and will feature a very special guest: Shawn Lauriat, a software engineer at Google since 2011, focusing on accessibility of Google Docs. Shawn will be answering questions during the #a11ychat and talking about accessibility and Google Docs. The Deque team, including Glenda Sims,… Continue Reading May #a11ychat

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