Stump, Sing, & Hack with Deque at CSUN!

Deque accessible karaoke event, with contestants and sign language interpreters

We're giving you several more reasons to get excited about CSUN this year, with our one-of-a-kind events: Stump our experts (& win prizes!) with your toughest web accessibility issues, sing your heart out at Accessible Karaoke during the Deque Party, and learn how to do accessibility testing on open-source component libraries with our experts at the aXe Hackathon. Read on to find out more details, and get ready for some serious fun at CSUN! Continue Reading Stump, Sing, & Hack with Deque at CSUN!

Google + Adds New Accessibility Features to Hangouts

girl in video chat hang out

The Google Hangouts team has made it clear that accessibility is important. In the past, we have seen the release of  Hangouts Captions, and Take the Floor, two apps that make using Google Hangouts accessible to sign language users. Yesterday they announced two more accessibility features! The first is an expanded list of keyboard shortcuts. These are helpful for those you don't want to, or… Continue Reading Google + Adds New Accessibility Features to Hangouts

Lydia Callis, ASL Hero

lydia callis

It's not often a sign language interpreter gets publicity for their work, but in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, American Sign Language Interpreter Lydia Callis got a great deal of unexpected attention. In addition to a spoof on Saturday Night Live (SNL), her work as New York City Mayor Bloomberg's interpreter was covered by NYMag, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times, to name… Continue Reading Lydia Callis, ASL Hero

Meet SignMark: the deaf rapper

  Marko Vouriheimo, known on the stage as SignMark, signs while his MC rhymes. "Since 2006, he has performed in 35 countries and even finished second on a Finnish show similar to American Idol.  He has been an inspiration to the deaf community, but he wants to open everyone's eyes." Note: unfortunately, the video is not captioned, but you can read the article here.  … Continue Reading Meet SignMark: the deaf rapper