Sony & Amazon Ask to Exempt E-readers from Accessibility Law

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A group of e-reader manufacturers including Amazon, Sony, and Kobo, are petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to exempt the devices from federal accessibility laws. The 21st Century Communications and Video Act  (CVAA), which was signed into law in 2010, requires that "equipment used for advanced communications services [ACS], including end user equipment" be "accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities." In the petition to the FCC, the… Continue Reading Sony & Amazon Ask to Exempt E-readers from Accessibility Law

Google Glass: Accessibilty for the Deaf?

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Since the first announcement of Google Glass, tech junkies have been intrigued by  its possibilities. The accessibility community especially is interested in what it could mean to helping those with disabilities. When Google Glass unveiled its Explorer campaign, inviting people to apply for the chance to be among the first users, over 145,000 people responded to the #ifihadglass hashtag, explaining just what they would do… Continue Reading Google Glass: Accessibilty for the Deaf?

Higher Ed Technology Bill Would Decrease Barriers

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The National Federation for the Blind are leading an effort to pass national accessibility standards for higher education technology. Currently students with vision impairments are responsible for securing their own assistive devices, and these new regulations would help  make all required technology accessible to all students. Inaccessible Technology Puts Students at a Disadvantage According to a recent USA Today article, over 63,000 of current college… Continue Reading Higher Ed Technology Bill Would Decrease Barriers

Suit Filed Against H&R Block

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Taxpayers with Visual Impairment File Suit  for Inaccessible Website As the nation's April 15th tax deadline approaches, taxpayers everywhere are scrambling to file their taxes online. Meeting that yearly deadline is even more difficult for taxpayers with disabilities who struggle with inaccessible websites. Two taxpayers with a visual impairment recently filed suit against H&R Block, one of the leading providers of tax services in the… Continue Reading Suit Filed Against H&R Block

What is Assistive Technology?

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You may have heard the term before, or you may be able to figure out what it means just by breaking down the phrase. Assistive technology is simply a "generic term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities." These devices can be used to do tasks out in the "real world", and include things like wheelchair ramps, braille on ATMs and elevators,… Continue Reading What is Assistive Technology?