Google Selects Deque’s aXe for Chrome DevTools

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Google's Lighthouse Now Includes aXe-core! Notice anything different about Chrome DevTools lately? The Audits panel is now powered by Lighthouse, and the Accessibility Audit is powered by *drumroll* Deque's very own aXe-core rules engine! We learned that Google was planning to replace their own automated accessibility testing engine with aXe at the 2017 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego. Specifically, it would become the… Continue Reading Google Selects Deque’s aXe for Chrome DevTools

Dylan Barrell Talks Amaze


Here is our very own VP of Product Development, Dylan Barrell, to tell us a little bit more about Amaze.   First, give us a one-sentence summary of what Amaze is. It's a way to fix applications that aren't accessible without changing the source code of those applications. It's amazing! How does it work? It works a little bit like a stylesheet for accessibility. It… Continue Reading Dylan Barrell Talks Amaze