#a11ychat How-to Guide


Last month we had record participation in our monthly #a11ychat on Twitter, and we hope you all keep coming back. For those of you who are new to Twitter or the concept of a "tweetchat" - perhaps even a little intimidated by the whole thing - we've got your back. Here is a handy little guide to the art of the tweetchat. 1. First, you… Continue Reading #a11ychat How-to Guide

November Tweetchat: You’ve got some reading to do!

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The topic for November's tweetchat is Accessibility Certification - Good Idea, Bad Idea?  Back at the beginning of the year at CSUN 2012, there was some active debate on the subject, and we'd like to revisit that discussion. We have some reading we'd like you to do in preparation: 1. Considering the Case for Creating an International Society of Accessibility Professionals - Knowbility 2. "Taking Accessibility Mainstream: Making… Continue Reading November Tweetchat: You’ve got some reading to do!