Deque Systems Releases WorldSpace Xcode Plugin for iOS Developers

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WorldSpace Xcode PluginDeque Systems is releasing its WorldSpace Xcode Plugin for the iOS application development community. This tool automatically analyzes source code, as their iOS app is being developed, to validate that all accessibility attributes have been specified correctly. It integrates into the Xcode development environment and displays accessibility issues in the source code to aid in quick remediation. Developers can also learn how to address accessibility issues with the plugin’s context-sensitive help.

Apple’s VoiceOver accessibility infrastructure is a comprehensive platform that can be used to deliver accessible applications, if used properly. The WorldSpace Xcode Plugin aids developers in validating that the iOS accessibility infrastructure is used properly, so good accessibility becomes part of normal development methodology.

The tool can also be integrated into a continuous integration testing framework so that accessibility issues can be validated by a Quality Assurance team as the code is developed.

The WorldSpace Xcode Plugin has rules that are based on the WCAG 2.0 standard and adapted to the iOS mobile platform. It is installed as a plugin to the Mac OSX Xcode development environment and performs the accessibility analysis of the iOS mobile rules as the app is developed.

Want more information? Download the WorldSpace Xcode Plugin Fact Sheet.


About Deque Systems

Founded in 1999, Deque Systems has paved the way for digital equality both from user and technology perspectives. Deque has developed a uniquely robust suite of software tools that include WorldSpace, FireEyes, and Amaze. A thought leader in digital accessibility software and services, Deque was awarded the Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award for Innovation for the Amaze technology, and the company has been recognized in the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for four years running. Learn more at

Company Contact:

Caitlin Cashin, Marketing   |   (703) 225-0380

Agency Contact:

Dan Keelan, The Whole Brain Group   |   (313) 806-6986

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