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Axe Updates: Deque releases axe-core 3.5!

With axe-core 3.5, you get 4 new rules, several bug fixes, and a new localization. But what has us especially excited is a much faster, more accurate color contrast test.

Faster color contrast testing

Accurately testing color contrast is one of the most challenging pieces of automated accessibility testing. With axe-core 3.5 we have completely changed how we are going about this. The new color contrast functionality speeds implement much faster on large pages with a slight trade-off; small tests may run slightly slower.

The second benefit of the new approach to color contrast is it’s less error-prone than the previous functionality. With this new test method, we are closing 13 color contrast false positives, reinforcing our commitment that in axe-core, false positives are considered bugs. If you report a perceived false positive, we investigate and fix the problem.

New Rules in axe-core 3.5

Rule 1: svg-img-alt

Ensures SVG elements with an img, graphics-document or graphics-symbol role have an accessible text.

Failure Example:

<svg xmlns="" role="img">
<circle cx="50" cy="50" r="40" stroke="green" stroke-width="4" fill="yellow"></circle>

Passing Example:

<svg xmlns="" role="img">
<title>1 circle</title>
<circle cx="50" cy="50" r="40" fill="yellow"></circle>

Rule 2: identical-links-same-purpose

Ensures that links with the same accessible name serve a similar purpose.

Needs Review Example:

<a href="">Deque Systems</a>
<a href="">Home</a>

Passing Example:

<a href="">Deque Systems</a>
<a href="">Deque Systems</a>

Rule 3: landmark-no-duplicate-main

Ensures the document has at most one main landmark. This rule is split off from the landmark-one-main rule for better reporting. This rule does not find new issues.

Failure Example:

<main>Main 1</main>
<main>Main 2</main

Passing Example:

<main>Main 1</main>

Rule 4: no-autoplay-audio (experimental)

Ensures <video> or <audio> elements do not autoplay audio for more than three seconds without a control mechanism to stop or mute the audio. This rule is experimental and is currently available in our early-adopters extension axe coconut. To run experimental rules using the axe-core API, use the “experimental” tag in the runOnly option.

Failure Example:

<audio src=”path/to/audio/duration20s.mp3” autoplay></audio>

Passing Example:

<video src=”path/to/video/duration20s.mp4" autoplay controls></video>

Deprecated Template Language

The templating language used for messages in translations and custom rules is now deprecated. The new templating format allows axe-core to run under a stricter content security policy. The current format remains available in axe-core until the next major release of axe-core. We strongly recommend upgrading to the new template language within the next six months to anyone using custom rules and for authors of axe-core translations. For more information, see the message template documentation.

Deprecated Rules

The aria-dpub-role-fallback and layout-table rules are deprecated and superseded by rules added to axe-core in previous releases. These rules are now turned off by default but remain available until the next major release of axe-core.

Other Changes

  • New Danish localization, special thanks to Daniel Freiling and Marianne Gulstad Pedersen for contributing this new translation.
  • Performance improvement to td-has-headers.
  • The region and landmark-* rules now return individual elements instead of reporting the entire page as one issue.
  • The meta-viewport rule is now a best-practice instead of a WCAG 2.0 failure.
  • Improved the issue text of several rules involving the role attribute

For a complete list of changes, see the axe-core changelog.

Available in Deque Products

The axe-core 3.5 release will be available soon for WorldSpace Attest, Assure, Comply, and axe Pro.

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