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Birkir Gunnarsson is a former Deque Senior Subject Matter Expert. A CPACC certified Yale graduate and ex-paralympian bronze medalist, Birkir has been an active advocate for web accessibility policy, awareness and legislation in Europe and North America. He has been a member of various technical W3C Working Groups and currently serves on the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices taskforce.

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Why Unique ID Attributes Matter

Ambiguous IDs: Harmless Lurker or Queen of Disaster? A Little Background It's one of the most common WCAG 4.1.1 violations reported by automated accessibility testing tools such as aXe, and it can cause a fair share of problems for your users. It happens when more than one element on the webpage have the same ID attribute. People often ask me how these seemingly innocuous ambiguous… Continue Reading Why Unique ID Attributes Matter

Web Accessibility – It‘s always about the users!

hands on keyboard

When I come home from work, after a fun filled day of analyzing website code, my 6-year-old son sometimes asks me "What's your job daddy?" I have to give him a simple answer he can understand, so I tell him my job is to make sure that everyone can go on the Internet. If he keeps asking me further questions, I usually distract him with… Continue Reading Web Accessibility – It‘s always about the users!