Air Carriers: Take Action on ACAA Digital Accessibility

ACAAHave you heard about updates to the Air Carrier Access Act? The United States Department recently amended the ACAA to cover digital requirements for website and kiosk accessibility. While the first phase deadlines for compliance are in 2015, it is important to get a plan in place right now. That is why the Deque accessibility experts have created the ACAA Action Plan, a helpful guide on everything you need to know about ACAA digital compliance.

Free Download on Air Carrier Access Act Updates

Download this free guide today to learn more about how to comply with new digital accessibility rules for air carriers. The ACAA Action Plan covers

  • Important details about the ACAA and what air carriersĀ are affected
  • Accessibility requirements specified by the ACAA
  • Deadlines for ACAA compliance
  • Action steps necessary to ensure website and kiosk accessibility

Learn more about ACAA accessibility and download your copy today!