Accessible jQuery Development Round-up

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Over the last few weeks, we have featured several posts sharing the many uses of jQuery to create accessible web and mobile pages. We've gathered all of our recent jQuery posts in one place in case you missed any of these expert posts. jQuery Round-up Deque Partners with jQuery for a More Accessible Web Learn all about the exciting new accessibility partnership between jQuery and… Continue Reading Accessible jQuery Development Round-up

Mobile Web Accessibility with jQuery [Slideshow]

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The Javascript Accessibility Summit was held earlier this month as part of an ongoing partnership between Deque and jQuery. We are still hearing great feedback about the event and we're pleased to share with you Paul J. Adam's slides from his talk on Mobile Web Accessibility. Paul J. Adam is an Accessibility Evangelist at Deque Systems and is a mobile accessibility expert. Mobile Web Accessibility is… Continue Reading Mobile Web Accessibility with jQuery [Slideshow]

Accessible Dynamic Forms and Form Validation with jQuery

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Forms are some of the most important pieces of most web sites; without them, we would not be able to log in, sign up, purchase, comment, post or do many of the things online we take for granted every day. Given the importance of forms, it is quite shocking that you can go to almost any Fortune 100 company's web site - including many financial… Continue Reading Accessible Dynamic Forms and Form Validation with jQuery

Mobile Application Accessibility – Are You Prepared?

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You have probably read the headlines: mobile growth is exploding. According to the latest 2013 statistics, 56% of Americans now have a smartphone and fully 50% of those users rely on it for their primary internet access. At the same time, digital accessibility has become a hot issue with more and more legal requirements and settlements to ensure equal access to technology for those with… Continue Reading Mobile Application Accessibility – Are You Prepared?

October #allychat Recap: jQuery

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Did you miss the October #a11ychat? Accessibility experts on Twitter had a great conversation about jQuery, javascript, WAI-ARIA and more. The tweetchat also included discussion about the recent Javascript Accessibility Summit, held in partnership with jQuery and Deque Systems. Check out the official transcript to read the discussion and access shared links and resources. For a more detailed recap of the Accessibility Summit, check out… Continue Reading October #allychat Recap: jQuery

October #a11ychat talks about accessible jQuery

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Mark your calendars - #a11ychat will be back this month on October 21st from 4-5pm EDT. Our October topic is jQuery. Join the team for discussion and questions about using jQuery to develop dynamic and accessible web content. Learn more about Deque's Partnership With jQuery Deque is the official accessibility partner of jQuery. Read more here. If you're new to #a11ychat or tweetchats in general, visit… Continue Reading October #a11ychat talks about accessible jQuery

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