Kickoff to Compliance!

At Deque's offices in Herndon, VA and Ann Arbor, MI, fall is underway! The temperatures have begun to cool, the days are getting a little shorter, and our local college and professional football teams have their seasons in full swing. Deque is excited to announce our Kickoff to Compliance series, a free eight-part program that discusses a number of topics related to setting up an… Continue Reading Kickoff to Compliance!

Conformance Statements and You: Part 1

Deque offers the service of collaborating with your organization to create a Conformance Statement for your website.  A Conformance Statement is a document from a trusted third party that details the level of accessibility you organization's web application has achieved. It's important to have a Conformance Statement on hand because it establishes awareness of accessibility, and it demonstrates that your company is planning and making an effort to address accessibility… Continue Reading Conformance Statements and You: Part 1

Employee Profile: Paul Adam

This week's profile is Paul Adam - one of our Accessibility Consultants and Evangelists. What do you do at Deque and how long have you been here?  I'm an Accessibility Evangelist/Sr. Accessibility Consultant/Developer and have been with Deque for one year. How did you find Deque (or how did Deque find you)?  While working as an Accessibility Specialist at the Texas Department of Assistive and… Continue Reading Employee Profile: Paul Adam

Didn’t Know You Were There

Often I have encountered a blind friend riding the bus only to find out that they were at the same event I attended, although neither of us knew the other was there. I'm sure this happens to sighted folks as well, but it's particularly frustrating when you need to talk to someone to learn later that you missed the chance because you couldn't wander around and spot them… Continue Reading Didn’t Know You Were There

12 Awesomely Inspiring Paralympic Moments posted a great round-up of inspiring Paralympic Moments here: "12 Awesomely Inspiring Paralympic Moments" The Paralympics traces its origins to the Stoke Mandeville Games in 1948, which consisted of a small group of British WWII veterans.  The first official Paralympic games were held in Rome in 1960.  Since then, the Paralympics have been held alongside the Olympic games.  The London 2012 Paralympic games were the first… Continue Reading 12 Awesomely Inspiring Paralympic Moments