Your AI partner for digital accessibility testing

Axe DevTools AI models are built on a unique and vast dataset of millions of accessibility defects tested over our 20+ year track record. Add decades of real accessibility testing know-how to your team instantly.

Why trust axe DevTools' AI?

Deque has created and maintains the world’s most exhaustive and most used accessibility library, axe-core. In axe DevTools, we combine it with human-tested and validated AI-driven data models to reduce backlog and manual effort.

Stay focused

Only 15 digital accessibility success criteria account for 95% of issues. Use our AI to eliminate inaccurate data and repetitive work.

Remove barriers

Our AI functionality asks simple questions anyone can answer to determine digital accessibility. No expertise required.

Analyze in context

Test across the user experience in context. Check syntax and appearance. Get actionable direction for improvement.

Speed, efficiency, and consistency

Axe DevTools is your solution to help dev teams and experts deliver business results–not just fixes.

The simple solution

Easily analyze data tables, forms, keyboard tab stops, and interactive elements.

  • You don’t need any accessibility know-how to start testing.
  • Intelligent Guided Tests (IGTs) combine computer vision and syntax analysis to find potential issues.
  • The IGTs ask you simple questions about your page to give you results you can use.
Screenshot of the the Table Intelligent Guided Test in the axe DevTools browser extension.

Automatically identify and classify UI objects

Axe DevTools uses AI to:

  • Check varying aspect ratios and sizes
  • Validate classification, semantics, and user input (see our IGTs)
  • Auto-recommend roles
Screenshot of the Table IGT's AI in axe DevTools browser extension automatically identifying and calssifying a Table Header cell.

AI solves complex color contrast issues

Use visual text and background rendering in the axe DevTools browser extension and axe DevTools Mobile to:

  • Confidently calculate the range of color contrast values
  • Determine if there is an issue using computer vision
Screenshot of the color contrast analyzer results showing 3 accessibility issues passed, 3 failed and got moved to automatic issues, and 6 still need manual review.

Depend on the highest quality data

Deque has the world’s largest and most reliable source of actual-user data on digital accessibility testing and results. It’s constantly growing, being tested and evaluated by our team of experts.

  • 1 Billion+ Downloads
  • 875,000+ Installed extensions
  • 8,000+ Completed audit projects

Assess multiple page states/state combinations

Combine automated assessment of different states with visual renderings to determine if:

  • Visual focus indicators exist
  • Form error states are accessible
  • Interactive widgets (e.g. collapse/expand) are accessible
Screenshot of the Interactive Elements IGT showing interactive states of an accordion that is expanded.

Validate code and rendered pages

Use our optical character recognition (OCR) model to evaluate text associated with form labels and validate accessible names for form fields. Computer vision then compares the results to the rendered pages.

Screenshot of AI in the Forms IGT indicating that “The visible label matches the programmatic label”.

Who is axe DevTools for?

  • Developers / Test engineers

    Find as many real accessibility issues as soon as possible with little or no knowledge of accessibility standards. Get actionable solutions to problems–including code snippets you can use.

  • Accessibility testers / QA

    Discover accessibility defects early in the testing cycle–with as little manual effort as possible. Return issues to dev teams with detailed information on why the issues are important and how to remediate them. Make sure resources destined for production are accessible.

  • Central accessibility teams / Product owners

    Save time, Easily introduce digital accessibility processes into the SDLC life cycle with an AI-driven toolset designed for dev teams. Get progress reports–including areas of concern and improvement.

Try digital accessibility tools powered by Human-centric AI

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Human and robot working on axe together.