axe-core Early Release Tools

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To make it easy for everyone to test the leading edge of axe-core, we’ve introduced a new free Chrome extension, called axe Coconut. It includes our latest code changes, with experimental rules also enabled. The axe Coconut extension, created in the same vein as a Chrome Canary or Firefox Nightly, will allow you to try out our latest APIs and rules before they are released to more stable channels, such as our regular axe Chrome Extension.

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We continue to improve the axe-core engine, and are committed to release the highest quality products we can. To do so, we regularly send out prerelease versions of axe-core. This has all the latest features we’ve developed for you to experiment with. To install the latest axe-core pre-release version using npm:

npm install axe-core@next

To learn about the latest API, see the develop branch API docs. You can find all the changes we’ve made in the axe-core changelog.