Upcoming Events

iOS Mobile A11y Webinar

On October 10th at 2 PM EST, our Mobile Developer and A11y Expert, Chris McMeeking, will walk you through best practices for designing and building your app to be accessible on iOS.

We will be looking at a variety of mobile web accessibility topics like:

  • An Introduction to Basic Assistive Technology (VoiceOver)
  • iOS A11y Ecosystem (ATs, APIs, etc.)
  • Identifying Basic Accessibility Issues in a Native App
  • API Demos from Deque's iOS Pattern Library
  • Understanding Accessibility Testing in an Agile Development Team
  • Learning Advanced Accessibility APIs and Techniques

Join us on Tuesday, October 10th, and learn how to make your apps accessible in iOS.


Want to get some face-time with the Deque Team? In 2017, we'll be participating in the following conferences:

With more to come!

During conferences we keep deque.com/info updated with our presentation schedule, any special events we might be hosting, and other information about the conference currently in session.