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Digital accessibility? I don't
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Deque Systems | Software, Training, and Consulting for Web Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

“It’s Easy to be Smart After the Fact.”

That defense doesn’t work here. When it comes to website accessibility, knowledge is power. Get educated.

We offer training courses for every level of expertise and just about every aspect of web accessibility, including special topics such as PDF Accessibility and Flash Accessibility. Training is available both online and in-person.


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Common Website Accessibility Myths

Myth #1 - Accessible websites are ugly and boring.

Myth #1

“Accessible websites are ugly and boring.”
Discover how beautiful accessible digital content can be.

Myth #3 - It is expensive, time-consuming and difficult.

Myth #3

“It is expensive, time-consuming and difficult.”
Web accessibility can be achieved in less time than you’d expect.

Deque Blog

Accessible HTML Heading Markup

Do headings introduced to meet SC 2.4.10 (AAA) need to be marked up With an h<n> tag too? On this page, HTML heading markup h<n> tags are used for the titles of each scenario I / Ii / III and for each of the two ARIA1 and ARIA2 techniques. This is good enough to comply with SC 1.3.1 (A) for the three scenarios illustrated below. [...]

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July Accessibility Webinars from Deque

Are you interested in learning more about web and mobile accessibility? Deque is pleased to announce two free webinars in July to help you get up-to-speed. Whether you are brand new to the ideas around accessibility or a seasoned developer, one of these webinars will be right for you. We invite you to register today! Mobile Accessibility 101 In this brand new webinar directed at [...]

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Deque Systems Sponsors National Federation for the Blind Convention

Deque Systems is proud to be an Accessibility Champion sponsor of the 2014 National Federation of the Blind Convention, held in Orlando Florida from July 1-6. This will be the 74th annual convention for NFB, which is the oldest and largest organization of blind and low-vision people in the United States. At the convention, Deque will be promoting and teaching NFB attendees about  Fix the Web and [...]

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Accessibility Stories

accessibility stories watch now

Hear directly from the users about what it’s like to be a technology user with a disability. You may be surprised by what you learn.

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Deque Highlighted Partnership

We are the official jQuery accessibility partner!deque and jquery partners in accessibility

Our goal is to equip jQuery developers and contributors with the necessary knowledge and tools to create code that is accessible for all people, regardless of ability.

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Essential Guide to Digital Accessibility Infographic

New to digital accessibility?download essential guide to digital accessibility

Our infographic will shed some light on what digital accessibility is and why it’s important, as well as how you can ensure accessibility for your digital content.

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Website Accessibility Checklist

Is your website accessible?download the website accessibility checklist

We’ve compiled a handy list of some of the most common website accessibility errors – take a few minutes to compare your website against our 10-point checklist.

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