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Digital accessibility? I don't
even know where to begin.

Deque Systems | Software, Training, and Consulting for Web Accessibility and Section 508 Compliance

“It’s Easy to be Smart After the Fact.”Deque University

That defense doesn’t work here. When it comes to website accessibility, knowledge is power. Get educated.

We offer training courses for every level of expertise and just about every aspect of digital accessibility, including special topics such as Mobile, PDF Accessibility and Flash® Accessibility. Training is available both online and in-person.

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Common Website Accessibility Myths

Myth #1 - Accessible websites are ugly and boring.

Myth #1

“Accessible websites are ugly and boring.”
Discover how beautiful accessible digital content can be.

Myth #3 - It is expensive, time-consuming and difficult.

Myth #3

“It is expensive, time-consuming and difficult.”
Web accessibility can be achieved in less time than you’d expect.

Deque Blog

5 Terrific Tools for Every UX Designer’s Toolbelt

If your user-centered design isn’t accessible, it’s not usable by millions of people. UX designers who care about accessibility need a suite of tools they can count on to make sure their projects are optimized for everyone who uses their websites and apps. Deque products are the best place to start, but there are some other UX design tools that make a great complement. Here […]

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day: BugBash Global Community Effort

Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Deque and the A11Y community by helping us file accessibility bug reports with assistive technology vendors and web browser developers. We’re asking everyone involved with GAAD and A11Y on Twitter to file as many UA/AT accessibility-related bugs as they can handle, and to post the bugs they’ve filed to the GAAD Bug Bash Google Spreadsheet Tracker. The GAAD A11Y […]

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5 Don’t-Miss Giveaways on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Deque has a lot of big plans for Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 21! Here’s a breakdown of the events we’re featuring. YouTube Webinars on Accessibility This year we’re presenting all-new, free webinars live on YouTube—no registration required. We’ll cover the following topics: Advanced Accessible Navigation, presented at 11 AM by Dylan Barrell The all new “Stand-Alone” version of FireEyes, presented at 1 PM […]

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Accessibility Stories

accessibility stories watch now

Hear directly from the users about what it’s like to be a technology user with a disability. You may be surprised by what you learn.

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Deque Highlighted Partnership

We are the official jQuery accessibility partner!deque and jquery partners in accessibility

Our goal is to equip jQuery developers and contributors with the necessary knowledge and tools to create code that is accessible for all people, regardless of ability.

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Essential Guide to Digital Accessibility Infographic

New to digital accessibility?download essential guide to digital accessibility

Our infographic will shed some light on what digital accessibility is and why it’s important, as well as how you can ensure accessibility for your digital content.

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Website Accessibility Checklist

Is your website accessible?download the website accessibility checklist

We’ve compiled a handy list of some of the most common website accessibility errors – take a few minutes to compare your website against our 10-point checklist.

Get the free website accessibility checklist