How To Truly Connect with All of Your Audience Without Leaving Anyone Behind


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Every year, businesses inadvertently shut the door in the face of hundreds of thousands of clients and prospects who have disabilities or are getting older, adding to the stigma of exclusion, and leaving millions of dollars of potential revenue on the table in the process. This disconnect leaves people behind, broadens the digital divide, causes irreparable damage to brands, directly impacts the bottom lines of organizations, and contributes to the degradation of our social fabric.

In this engaging and educational talk, Denis Boudreau, an expert in inclusive communication, takes us on a fantastic journey into the invisible, untapped, and underserved North American market worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually. He shows us that with a simple shift in how we see and understand our customer’s differences, as well as a few tweaks to how we communicate and operate, we can build new raving fans, tap into new, underserved markets of customers, and be the organization of choice!