Amaze on the Social Times

Deque's newest offering, Amaze, has been featured on the Social Times.  Read the full article here. Social Times is a news website dedicated to covering the people, business and culture of emerging social networks. If you would like to learn more about Amaze or would like to schedule a demo, please visit

Prepare to be Amazed…

Amaze Accessibility Overlay Here at Deque we are always pursuing new innovations in web accessibility, and we believe that our newest offering is a real game-changer.  I am very happy to announce a completely new and revolutionary software platform called Amaze that expands the ways that web sites and mobile applications can be made accessible to all users. Amaze provides companies with a faster and… Continue Reading Prepare to be Amazed…

Interview with Steve Spohn from the AbleGamers Foundation

Today we are featuring an interview with AbleGamers Editor-in-Chief, Steve Spohn.  The AbleGamers Accessibility Arcade is being showcased this weekend at the Chicago Abilities Expo.  You can read more about the event and AbleGamers here. When was the AbleGamer Foundation established and why? AbleGamers was founded in 2004 by Mark Barlet and Stephanie Walker.  Stephanie and Mark had been playing EverQuest 2 every Friday for a… Continue Reading Interview with Steve Spohn from the AbleGamers Foundation

AbleGamers and the Accessibility Arcade

This weekend's Abilities Expo in Chicago will feature the AbleGamers' Accessibility Arcade.  Abilities Expo is dedicated to educating and improving the lives of Americans with disabilities, their families and caregivers, and health professionals and provides and opportunity for companies to demonstrate their products and services to end-users and industry professionals. The AbleGamers Foundation was established to bring greater accessibility to the digital entertainment space - specifically video… Continue Reading AbleGamers and the Accessibility Arcade

How Folks Who are Blind Avoid Eating Moldy Cheese!

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of apps developed to assist people who are blind. One of my favorites is VizWiz. Vizwiz allows you to take a picture and then record a question about what is in the picture. You can choose where your question is sent --machines or humans, and, promptly, you get an answer. As a person who is blind I am… Continue Reading How Folks Who are Blind Avoid Eating Moldy Cheese!

#a11ychat – Making Video and Audio Accessible to All

Welcome to the second web accessibility chat, AKA #a11ychat! The "Accessibility Avengers" @nethermind and @goodwitch will be your high energy hosts and moderators for this event. The topic for this chat will be: "Making Video and Audio Accessible to All: What are your successes and biggest challenges?" Elle Waters (@nethermind) and Glenda Sims (@goodwitch) will kick off the discussion with their thoughts and questions on… Continue Reading #a11ychat – Making Video and Audio Accessible to All

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