Accessible Shopify stores see expanded market share and reduced risk

Deque’s accessibility tools, services and training help Shopify Plus merchants reach their digital accessibility goals.

    Work with us to experience the benefits of digital accessibility

    Organizations that want to make their websites and mobile applications accessible to people with disabilities trust Deque. Deque helps thousands of organizations from technology leaders like Google and Microsoft, top US banks and insurance companies, top retailers, top airlines, top hotel chains and the largest government agencies.

    We help our clients of all sizes and maturity levels find and fix accessibility problems on their website and mobile apps. When they are ready, our clients’ development teams use our tools and take Deque University Courses to build and maintain their apps, on their own, and ensure they remain accessible.

    In addition, Deque’s accessibility expertise and suite of tools can help your website become compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). An accessible website provides all people with equal access to a website’s information, products and services, and can help your organization avoid costly litigation.

    Benefits of an accessible Shopify store

    The Shopify Plus and Deque partnership helps Shopify merchants develop their business with confidence. Where Shopify’s ecommerce expertise helps businesses grow and thrive, Deque’s technology and training ensure those online businesses are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Together, our goal is to create a better online experience for all users.

    Reduced risk

    Organizations who actively pursue accessibility excellence are better positioned to address claims and avoid costly complaints about accessibility issues.

    Increased revenue

    People with disabilities make up almost 20% of the US population– a significant share of the market. By hosting an inaccessible website, you exclude a large group of consumers from purchasing your products.

    Great customer experience

    Accessibility and universal design practices benefit your entire user base, not just people with disabilities. An accessible online store creates a better user experience for all your customers.

    Increased brand loyalty

    People with disabilities often abandon companies because their websites and apps are inaccessible. Strengthen the brand loyalty you have with your customers by upholding an accessible shopping experience.

    Shopify is a leading ecommerce platform whose goal is to make commerce better for everyone. Businesses can use Shopify’s software and award-winning support to launch and grow their e-commerce services. Shopify’s business and marketing tools empower merchants to reach new customers, scale their brand, and sell their products with ease.

    Shopify Plus is dedicated to supporting enterprise merchants with advanced solutions and services. With its cutting-edge suite of tools and strategies, Shopify Plus enables the world’s biggest brands to scale quickly and efficiently.