Worldspace Comply

Worldspace Comply

WorldSpace Comply is Deque's automated testing tool for performing enterprise-level accessibility audits. Designed to meet the compliance needs of organizations with large, dynamic websites, WorldSpace Comply provides advanced reporting, monitoring, and management of accessibility issues against industry standards or customized guidelines.

Combining cutting-edge technology and Deque's accessibility expertise, WorldSpace Comply is the ideal solution to achieving and maintaining accessible websites.

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Benefits To Your Business

  • Accessibility Auditing: Properly auditing the accessibility of complex websites is a major challenge. WorldSpace Comply provides advanced automated auditing that catalogs your entire website.
  • Reporting Over Time: You need to show improvement as your site is updated. WorldSpace Comply’s reports demonstrate accessibility changes over time, at any level of detail.
  • Consistency and Control: WorldSpace Comply lets you set consistent standards across multiple projects so that auditing and reporting are always consistent.
  • Enterprise Ready: WorldSpace Comply can audit the largest web sites–static, dynamic, and mobile-friendly —and delivers reports through several mechanisms such as web dashboards, exported data, and read-only reports.

How does it work?

WorldSpace Comply integrates seamlessly into your existing development environment. From dynamically analyzing a web page in the browser context, to validating source material by content authors, and to scheduled scans, WorldSpace Comply is the powerful tool you need to ensure your large website becomes accessible and remains accessible.


Modern web applications produce varying content dependent on user interactions. Unlike traditional accessibility tools built for static HTML content, WorldSpace Comply is designed to monitor event-driven, highly-interactive content and can test the DOM as it changes over time.


Large websites are constantly changing and adding new content. WorldSpace Comply links content creators, designers, developers and project managers to ensure accessibility throughout the workflow.


Web content is increasingly accessed on mobile devices. WorldSpace Comply provides support for mobile web browsers by emulating their behavior. Device screen resolution parameters that are used by responsive websites to determine which mobile device is used can be changed to assess content on all mobile devices.

Worldspace Comply dashboards page overview

What’s New in WorldSpace Comply?

Improved navigation:

  • Includes task-based navigation designed to make WorldSpace Comply easier to use

Organization-wide scalability:

  • Common settings can be defined for an organization and pushed down to selected projects to ensure consistency across sites and pages
  • Upgraded administrative and management capabilities featuring more powerful user account management options

Better performance and process control including:

  • An improved scan engine to better handle evolving web technologies
  • Accessibility rule improvements which improve accuracy
  • Better control of rules selection to further reduce false errors

Enhanced reporting and integration:

  • Ability to generate, export, and share reports throughout the organization
  • Secure REST APIs allow integration with external systems
  • New Internet Explorer capabilities

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