International Market Research Services

eye square helps companies better understand the most important people to your business: your customers. Our international team is located in Berlin, London, New York, Hong Kong, and Kerala. eye square’s 74 researchers and consultants serve about 300 clients worldwide from the automotive, e-commerce, FMCG, media, and more sectors.

While conventional market research remains on the surface, our unique methods combine psychology and state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to capture and analyze real perceptions (neuro-biological), explicit (explicit), and implicit (subconscious) responses of your customers in numerous settings.

Since 1999, our services include research, consulting, and technology development on Brand & Media Experience, User Experience, and Shopper Experience:

User Experience Research:

Understand your users in order to effectively match your product with the consumer.

Special research areas:  Positive Design & Wellbeing, Accessibility, UX benchmarking 

Brand & Media Experience Research:

Optimize your brand and advertising impact on all media channels: print, TV, out-of-home, online, and mobile.

 Shopper Experience Research:

Test on e-commerce platforms, or in-store, and enhance your customers’ shopping experience, whether it’s package design, shelf assortments, or marketing materials.