Cypress, the leader in automated web application testing, is favored by QA and engineering teams worldwide for its user-friendly interface and efficiency. Supported by a diverse community and prominent venture capital firms, Cypress serves hundreds of thousands of users across 3,700 customers in 77 countries. Notably, the company recently introduced Cypress Accessibility, a new product in the Cypress Cloud platform. Powered by axe-core by Deque Systems, Cypress Accessibility automatically detects accessibility violations on pages and components that appear in your existing functional test suite – in any and all states that were reached. Consolidated page-level reports provide a live, debuggable example of your application at the moment each violation was captured, along with a full replay of the test that rendered it. Integrated seamlessly with existing workflows, and requiring no setup, Cypress Accessibility can be instantly adopted across teams with zero performance impact on test execution. Early Access is available now!