Shell Little
axe-con speaker in 2021, 2022, 2023

Pronouns: She/Her

Shell Little (She/Her) is an Independent Accessibility Specialist, Inclusive Designer, & Cognitive Disability Speaker. She is currently concluding Burnout Recovery & continues to focus her time on speaking, writing, consulting, & mentoring. She has a BA in UX, with a focus in Accessibility, & is passionate about disability rights & game accessibility. Outside the office, Shell is a cat parent, hobbyist streamer, & overall Neurodivergent dork.

Read more about Shell’s talk here: “The Accessibility to Burnout Pipeline.” Watch Shell’s 2022 here: “Fix Your Error Flows, Or Send Me More Spoons” or watch her 2021 talk here: “Micro Interactions, More like Micro Aggressions“.

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