Kendall Gassner
axe-con speaker in 2022, 2023

Pronouns: She/Her

Kendall Gassner is an Accessibility Software Engineer at GitHub. She became passionate about accessibility while working to make an inclusive drag-and-drop feature early in her career. Her passion led her to become a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility and Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies. Outside of work she loves spending time painting and hiking

Read more about Kendall’s talk here: “Measuring Ourselves: GitHub’s Accessibility Scorecard“. Watch Kendall’s 2022 talk here: “Accessibility in a Product with Thousands of Pages (TurboTax)

Date and Time
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Measuring Ourselves: GitHub’s Accessibility Scorecard
Kendall Gassner, Katie McCormick, #Organizational Success with Accessibility,
Accessibility in a Product with Thousands of Pages (TurboTax)
Kendall Gassner, Tyler Krupicka, #Development,