Denis Boudreau
axe-con speaker in 2021, 2023

Pronouns: He/Him

Denis has dedicated the last 20+ years of his career to converting clients into digital inclusion believers. A strong advocate of a participant-centered approach to training, Denis passionately believes that students can learn twice as much in half the time when their brains do most of the talking during a training session. He loves to spend as much time as possible coming up with new, innovative strategies to foster engagement and participation from learners, by designing activities and hands-on learning experiences that force students to flex their creative muscles to come up with solutions to make the digital world a more inclusive space for everyone.

Read more about Denis’ talk here: “How To Truly Connect with All of Your Audience Without Leaving Anyone Behind“. Watch Denis’ 2021 talk here: “A Call to ARRM (Accessibility Roles and Responsibilities Mapping) – 2021 Status Update

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