Urgent accessibility remediation and complaints handling.

This patented tool helps fix accessibility defects in existing web content without changing the underlying source code.

A screenshot of Deque's accessibility tools

How Amaze Works


Amaze is a software development kit and optional associated server platform to enable a user to rapidly implement accessibility fixes for a website or web application. These corrective overlays can be included in your web application by adding a single html script in your web page and without editing your source code.

Benefits of working with Amaze

Achieve Compliance and Complaint Resolution Faster

Implementing Amaze overlays is often much faster than fixing inaccessible source code. Avoid developer time constraints by addressing accessibility fixes from the outside-in with Amaze.

Avoid Impacting Existing Development Projects

The Amaze servers repair accessibility defects without requiring access to the source code, allowing you to save costly Developer time and keep other projects on track.

Get the Peace of Mind that Comes with Deque Accessibility Expertise

Deque has fixed over 1 million accessibility defects. We have the tools and expertise to solve any stalled or urgent project.

Enjoy the Freedom of Outsourcing Accessibility

When paired with Deque Services, Deque Experts will utilize Amaze to resolve accessibility issues without imposing on internal teams.

Who is Amaze For?

  • Compliance Officers

    Amaze is often the fastest path to compliance, whether it be Section 508, WCAG, ARIA or other custom regulations.

  • Business Owners

    Amaze addresses urgent needs to become compliant, even if you don’t have the expertise or resources to address it.

Illustration of a Compliance Officer and Business Owner discussing accessibility at their desks.

Why Use Deque Tools?

  • End-to-end Accessibility

  • Maintain Development Velocity

  • Enterprise Secure

Deque tools and services are used in the world’s most secure government and enterprise organizations. Built by developers, for developers, Deque tools are designed to minimize the impact on your development efforts and fit across the entire dev lifecycle for full accessibility coverage.