Multimedia Accessibility

Accessible Videos

Online videos are an essential component of modern websites and a significant means of delivering information to your general users and customers. If your website's videos are inaccessible, users with disabilities are missing valuable information, and you may be violating the FCC's 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act. If you're concerned about online video accessibility, check out the Deque Player: an affordable turn-key solution for organizations committed to delivering online video that is accessible to people with disabilities.

The package includes:

  • The Deque Player, an accessible video player that allows for complete keyboard control of the playback of video and advanced caption options
  • Customization of the Deque Player with your organization's colors and logo
  • Licensing for the use of the Deque Player for commercial purposes
  • Deque's guide for making online video accessible, including options and best practices for captioning content

All of the videos on the Deque website use the Deque Player. If you'd like to see the Deque Player in action - why not check out our Accessibility Stories videos?

Flash Accessibility

Flash® is often used to make websites more engaging and attractive. However, if you don't use the accessibility features of Flash properly, they may not be accessible to users with disabilities. Deque can help make sure that everyone has the ability to get your message. We can test your Flash files for accessibility properties and check the reading/presentation sequence of objects including:

  • Movie Clips
  • Text Fields
  • Layers
  • Sound

After completing our review of your site's Flash content, we can also create and return accessible versions of your files.

PDF Accessibility

It is both challenging and time-consuming to make Portable Document Format (PDF) documents accessible on your website. Because we understand that one size does not fit all, we can make your content accessible in its original PDF configuration or an alternative format--it's up to you. You can choose from:

  • Document Conversion: we will transform your existing documents--including PDFs, with no source documents--into HTML and XML
  • PDF Retrofitting: we will retrofit PDFs to make them fully accessible, including tagging and structuring content, setting the correct reading order, suppressing text-to-speech translation of decorative elements, and describing relevant non-text elements

Publish without worry. Let us take care of the accessibility of your multimedia. Contact us today to get started.