Strategic Advice for ADA Compliance

If your website and mobile apps aren't ADA-compliant, you're placing your company at risk of legal action, as well as a tarnished public image.

Overwhelmed by ADA requirements for websites and electronic media? Are you confused about how to plan for compliance? Deque can work with you to develop a smart strategy that ensures you're 100% ADA compliant.

Build a Business Case for ADA Compliance

Need to build a business case for complying with ADA requirements? Deque can help! Our experience with top global brands across industries has given us the insight and perspective to recommend practical steps you can take to become increasingly compliant and mitigate the risk of lawsuits.

Deque's Accessibility Blueprint is a great place to start. You'll find thoughtful recommendations on how an accessibility program should function in your organization. Deque can do a Risk Assessment or a Level-of-Effort Assessment to quickly gather essential information that you may be need to complete your planning. Together, these three assessments will provide what you need for a business case and budget.

Develop Internal Compliance Competence

If you've already gone through a process of fixing one set of accessibility problems, Deque can help you find an easier, cheaper way to make sure all your digital interfaces are ADA-compliant and stay that way.

Deque's proven phased methodology has been used by many large organizations.

Phase 1: Complete a pilot project with one development team.

Phase 2: Develop an internal resource group with the tools and processes required to help multiple teams simultaneously. Train and equip designers, developers and quality assurance testers.

Phase 3: Stay compliant by training new staff, monitoring compliance and testing vendor-supplied interfaces before acceptance.

These phases need certain kinds of executive and organizational support at just the right time. And the timing is just as important as the changes themselves. Because of our extensive experience with companies of all sizes and industries, we've learned what works and what doesn't. Deque experts can save you time, money and frustration. We can assess your situation in detail and create a reliable plan for your success.

Create Custom Compliance Standards for Your Organization

Not every company needs to meet the same accessibility standards. Many companies need to comply with multiple standards for web and mobile accessibility. For others, certain criteria don't apply to their organization. Deque can create a standard that fits your unique needs--and saves you time and money.

Often the most efficient way to become compliant is by creating a single custom standard with a matching test plan. We can develop a custom standard for you that will reduce the number of requirements for your developers and testers to worry about. This will save time and money in training and, more importantly, in the development process itself.

Integrate Accessibility into Your Development Process

Organizations that do the best job of achieving accessibility incorporate accessibility into their development and testing process. They don't have to worry about ADA compliance anymore--it just happens.

Creating an established, mature development process is not onerous. The trick is to make just the right changes at just the right steps in the development process. The earlier in the development process you begin thinking about accessibility, the easier it is to release a compliant product.

We're developers ourselves and all of our products have to be accessible. We have unbeaten insight for your development and testing process. Just a few strategic changes to your process can make it possible to ensure each product release is fully compliant and accessible to everyone.

Talk to a Deque expert to get strategic advice for ADA compliance.