Accessibility Digest

Protect your digital accessibility investment by leaving the ongoing monitoring and analysis to us. Get compliance reports, new issue alerts and an expert-cultivated email digest in your inbox!

Actionable Accessibility Reports

Accessibility Digest provides more than just charts, graphics and numbers, it tells you why things changed and how it impacts your level of compliance. As an extension of your team, a Deque accessibility expert reviews the data and looks for actionable insight by comparing scan results, figuring out what caused the change, and recommends corrective actions.

As an organization you have made the commitment to achieve a level of digital accessibility compliance, you have selected the standard, audited your site(s), worked hard on remediation and met your goal, now what? This is a crucial step toward sustaining your efforts. Get the information and confidence needed to maintain compliance and internal support with Accessibility Digest.

The Accessibility Digest includes an accessibility score over time for each of your websites, so you can know at a glance whether things are getting better or worse. It quantifies the number of issues by severity and compares those with the prior report, so you can be sure that your team is fixing the most important issues first.

Screenshot of 4 dashboard data points indicating total issues, an accessibility score, pages with issues and critical issues

How does Accessibility Digest Work?

Illustration of a report appearing in email

To begin; a Deque accessibility expert interviews your team to learn about the goals for each of your websites, the technologies used, and about the people that are responsible for maintaining them. Your expert will use this information to scan your websites regularly to identify changes in accessibility that happen as your site is updated. Changes that impact the accessibility of your site will be manually investigated and captured in your reporting and alerts.

Was a new web component introduced that injected accessibility defects?  Did a content creator forget to provide alternative text for a new promotional image?  Did the designers create some new color combinations with insufficient contrast?  Did a developer misspell an ARIA attribute?  Your expert’s insights allow you to take timely action to remediate these problems and keep the situation from continuing to get worse.

Accessibility insights in your inbox

Arm your Executive and Compliance teams with the reporting and data needed to keep them informed and supportive of your efforts.

Accessibility Digest will help you answer key questions like:

  • What improved and why month over month.
  • Are you regressing in any parts of the site?
  • Is your spend producing the outcomes you want?
  • Is your use of training, tools or processes effective?
  • Which low-hanging fruit will help generate results quickly?

Screenshot of dashboard graphing a score, issue groupings and issues by severity.

Who is Accessibility Digest for?

  • Accessibility Risk Managers

    Identify and correct technical problems before they become legal issues. Protect the hard work you have already done to make your websites accessible and encourage your developers to make it even better, faster.

  • Product Owners

    Rest assured that your Deque expert is keeping an eye on this important requirement so you can focus on your business priorities.

  • Legal and Compliance

    Regularly get the facts related to your ADA risk from credible experts.

Illustration of a product owners and compliance officers working together at a desk.