Illustration of a person with disability weight lifting

Inspirational stories of strength building and sustainable lifestyles for people with disabilities

To commemorate International Persons with Disabilities Day, Deque was proud to partner with Adaptive Training Foundation and their athletes for this virtual panel.

The theme for the 2018 International Persons With Disabilities Day (IDPD) was “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.”  Persons with disabilities, as both beneficiaries and agents of change, can fast track the process towards inclusive and sustainable development and promote a resilient society for all.

We were honored to have athletes from Adaptive Training’s graduated classes joining us to share their stories and experiences as to how they built strength and sustainable lifestyles as people with disabilities. 


  • Randy D. Nantzenlisted in the Army after 9/11/01, and served in the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne. On Dec. 22nd of 2006, while taking part in a small recon mission, in Iraq, an Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP), a devastating roadside bomb and shaped charge, struck his Humvee. Ultimately, the nerve damage from the explosion led to a below the knee amputation. During his eleven-year rehabilitation and recovery, Randy discovered the value in shared experiences; he became a mentor for other veterans in similar situations.
  • Phillip Quintana joined the United States Marine Corps June 2004, 2 days after his high school
    graduation. Phillip went through M.C.R.D. San Diego becoming a Hollywood Marine. In May, 2005 his battalion was deployed to Afghanistan and in September his convoy hit and IED. Phillip was thrown 15ft from his vehicle and sustained injuries to his leg which ultimately had to be removed. Since starting ATF, he has been motivated and driven to help others, that he moved his (amazing) wife and two beautiful children from Arizona to Texas to be closer to the ATF headquarters in McKinney, TX.
  • Colin Anderson joined the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) team the beginning of this past year as the Marketing Director to help spread the message and mission, and expand the community of support to those with life altering injuries.
  • Hunter Clark is the Director of Programs and Operations at ATF and helped develop the programming that is being used for their flagship 9-week ReDefine program to help those with physical disabilities redefine their lives.