Illustration of people with disabilities in the workplace

Inclusion and equality for people with disabilities in education and employment

To commemorate International Persons with Disabilities Day, our panelists discussed the experiences they’ve had in academic institutions and while seeking employment.

This webinar is intended to create awareness of common barriers, opportunities, or resources for people with disabilities encounter at academic institutions or while seeking employment. This panel is a great introduction for people who are new to accessibility but want to learn more.

The theme for this year’s International Persons With Disabilities Day (IDPD) is “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality.”  Persons with disabilities, as both beneficiaries and agents of change, can fast track the process towards inclusive and sustainable development and promote a resilient society for all.


  • Jamie Knight is a Senior Accessibility Specialist at BBC. Jamie enjoys mountain biking and is never seen far from his plush sidekick, Lion. Jamie’s areas of expertise include accessibility, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Autism.
  • Tim Harshbarger is an Accessibility Consultant at Deque. Tim has been visually impaired since a young age, he is very passionate about accessibility and believes it should be a part of the web development process.
  • Birkir Gunnarsson is a senior UX and Digital Accessibility Expert at BB&T. Birkir was born and raised in Iceland, attended Yale University, and has been visually impaired since the age of 5.
  • Dr. Paul Bohman is the Director of Training at Deque Systems and Certification Chair or the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. Dr. Bohman is a multi-faceted educational technology leader and curriculum creator and analyst, whose doctoral dissertation evaluated masters-level technology education.