Illustration of a beach with axe coconut logo on it

aXe-core Webinar: Updates and aXe Coconut

In this webinar, Marcy Sutton went over what’s new with aXe-core 3.0-alpha and how to test with aXe Coconut

Marcy revealed:

  • The significant changes that have been made to the axe-core Javascript engine for version 3.0.0, including support for Shadow Dom and Web Components!
  • What the heck is Shadow Dom?
  • New Shadow DOM APIs and test utilities.
  • The new free Chrome extension, called aXe Coconut! It includes our latest code changes for Shadow DOM with experimental rules also enabled.

Please note: This tutorial is aimed at developers and will require at least basic knowledge of web development, UI testing, and how to set up different development environments.

If you’re planning to watch the Webinar…

We recommend that you download a few things ahead of time so you can follow along with Marcy.

  1. Get aXe Coconut

    You can download aXe Coconut for free from the Chrome Store and try it out on all sites, including those with Shadow DOM.

  2. Get aXe-Core

    Download aXe-core on GitHub. Step-by-step instructions are included on the Github page in the “Getting Started” section.

  3. Install Node.js and npm