At first, developers think getting web accessibility right will be easy. It's not. By the time they realize this and panic, you have already wasted time and a lot of money. We can help you avoid the mistakes others have made and put you on the easy road to accessibility.

There is a better way: Deque helps your developers solve accessibility problems without requiring them to become accessibility experts!

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What are your accessibility compliance challenges?

  1. Are you overwhelmed by the cost and effort required to fix web accessibility?
  2. Is your accessibility remediation project currently stalled?
  3. Are your developers frustrated by never-ending accessibility defects?
  4. Are they just now realizing how complicated it is?

For many companies web accessibility compliance is overwhelming, frustrating, and expensive because:

  • There are multiple browsers on Windows and Mac desktops to consider
  • There are multiple assistive technologies including multiple screen-readers – JAWS™, NVDA, VoiceOver
  • Users, particularly those who are blind, are increasingly accessing your sites from mobile iOS and Android devices
  • The standards are extensive and it takes time to determine what applies to you

Amaze Product Features

Deque has the expertise required to navigate these complex issues. We’ve taken that knowledge and experience, and turned it into the product we call Amaze.

Amaze Library: A mature body of code that performs the common accessibility tasks. Includes standards and code best practices that work on multiple browsers, multiple screen-readers and on multiple devices.

Developer tools: Lets front-end developers implement and test code from within the browser. These tools dramatically speed up the development workflow–up to 10 times faster!

Amaze Server: Lets you directly use the accessibility fixes you develop, without requiring access to the source code. Fix 3rd-party applications or legacy applications where a rebuild from source is impractical. Lets you buy time to migrate accessibility fixes into the source code in a planned release cycle.

Amaze Benefits

Deque has fixed over 1 million accessibility defects. That experience is in your hands when you get Amaze.

Amaze works to ensure your web and mobile sites are accessible in the following ways

  • You have certainty that your site works cross-platform
  • You know that you can deliver responsive design
  • The tool that makes this happen for you is easy to use

The complexity of accessibility requires the kind of expertise that Deque offers

  • You no longer need your internal developers to function as accessibility experts
  • You can be confident that accessibility fixes are applied properly to your legacy code
  • Third-party code is made accessible without requiring added internal investment

Top Mistakes Made in Accessibility Remediation Projects

  • Relying on developers to become accessibility experts
  • Underestimating the complexity of accessibility techniques
  • Ignoring differences between browsers and operating systems
  • Not considering how various assistive technologies interpret your code
  • Ignoring 3rd party components Not planning to fix legacy code
  • Inadequate testing
  • Time, money wasted on manual testing too early
  • Accessibility treated as project, not program

Still not sure where to begin? See additional ways we can meet your accessibility needs.

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