Deque Products

Find the Tool That's Right For You

Automated testing and remediation tools are an essential part of any accessibility program, and at Deque we offer a variety of web accessibility software:

Learn More About FireEyes

  • FireEyes is a free accessibility plug-in that creates detailed error reports instantly and indicates problematic source code
  • Can be used in conjunction with WorldSpace for our enterprise-level customers and standalone for our free plug-in
  • If you're new to accessibility software tools, or are only concerned about remediating a handful of pages, FireEyes is the tool for you


Worldspace Software

  • WorldSpace automatically tests thousands of pages in your website, while setting the testing parameters to your site's specific needs
  • Incorporates handy project management tools and offers special features for managers, developers, and QA testers
  • It provides robust, customizable automated site testing, including the ability to script complex, multi-part user input paths

Amaze Software

  • A revolutionary new approach to web accessibility, Amaze creates an overlay that renders your web pages accessible without actually altering or requiring any access to the source code
  • Also remediates third-party content to ensure your entire site is compliant
  • Can address immediate customer concerns or impending compliance deadlines - without being disruptive to your ongoing development projects