Worldspace FireEyes Removes Barriers

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No one I know wants to create an inaccessible site.  So why are so many sites inaccessible?

Our customers tell us that the two main reasons are:

  1. Their web developers were not trained in accessibility, and
  2. Their web developers don't have easy-to-use tools.

At Deque, we see this double whammy -- lack of training and lack of tools  -- to be a serious roadblock to our mission of building a barrier-free web.  We would love to obliterate this roadblock. But how?

There are literally millions of web developers out there (did you know that Firebug has almost 3 million users each weekday?) and we are just a small band of accessibility fanatics trying to change the web.  Trying to train developers in traditional ways would take longer than our lifetimes!

But what if we created a tool that eliminated the need for training?  What if we created a tool that was just like Firebug that showed developers their accessibility issues as they were working on each page?  What if the tool trained developers to make their site accessible from the get go?  The more such a tool was used, the more accessible the web would become.  That's exactly what we set out to do when we started creating Worldspace FireEyes, earlier this year.

We put some of our very best developers to work on this tool and then we decided to give it all away - for free.

Today we are happy to announce that the first beta release of Worldspace FireEyes is available for free download.  Let your developers know.  Encourage them to use it - we know they want to create accessible sites.  Tell them what we want is their feedback so we can continue to develop and improve this tool -- this release is just the first of many.  We are committed to making Worldspace FireEyes the tool of choice that web developers can use, without training, to create web pages that are accessible to all.

Join us in taking down all the barriers on the web - Mr. Developer - tear down this wall!

-- Preety Kumar

PS : Ms Developers too - it is just the Mr Gorbachev equivalent thing..


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