Worldspace FireEyes Beta 2 Released

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The feedback we have received so far on the beta 1 for Worldspace FireEyes has been great. I have received comments ranging from "Very impressive!!" and "This is very easy to use, the reading order analysis is great and I was able to immediately determine the reason for the issue" to "This finds things that no other tool can find."

Like all software however, we also received some feedback that was not so good - specifically we discovered some incompatibilities with the WAVE toolbar. Now some would say that we did this on purpose (and I wish we were that sly) because the first beta stopped WAVE from appearing in the toolbar and stopped it from working altogether - that is however not the case. So yesterday we released Worldspace FireEyes beta 2 which has a bunch of fixes including one that makes it compatible with all the other toolbars out there.

The next beta of Worldspace FireEyes will include some major new features and we'd like your input as to which features to include. Please participate in the beta 3 features poll.

List of Improvements in Beta 2

New Features and Improvements

  • Keyboard shortcut (Alt+F12) to toggle Worldspace FireEyes.
  • 'Restore defaults' feature: synchronize various options for a given project to their default states, found on the Settings tab.
  • When defining a new project, domain(s) associated with that project will be added to the Firebug activation list.
  • Improvements to status bar widget.
  • User interface improvements related to filtering issues, changes, and events shown on the Current Document and Report tabs.

Bug Fixes

  • Improve compatibility with other Firefox extensions, specifically ColorZilla, the Web Developer Toolbar, and the WAVE Toolbar (bugs #584, #585, #596)
  • Worldspace FireEyes now supports multiple projects in a single browser window
  • Remove Firefox zombie preferences associated with a Worldspace FireEyes project when that project is deleted (bug #567)
  • Fix a problem on subsequent loads or reloads of a document, where previously discovered issues would not be highlighted (bug #575)

Accessibility Enhancements

  • Eliminate flicker while performing color contrast analysis
  • Current tab is now reported correctly to AT (bug #582)

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