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Many organizations who are starting their web accessibility journey will often contact us and ask us for demos and quotes of our industry leading enterprise scan tool – WorldSpace Sync. The pervasive thinking seems to be, “if we just buy a tool, we can figure out the rest.”I liken that strategy to someone knowing they need to perform surgery and thinking if they just purchase the medical equipment they’ll be able to handle the rest.

Remediation and Compliance

To illustrate my point: before coming to Deque, one of our customers was under legal pressure to make their web content accessible, and they had attempted to implement an extensive accessibility remediation plan without the proper training, guidance, or tools. They spent two years and tens of millions of dollars working to remediate their site and still weren’t able to meet the compliance deadline. After calling us, we were able to help them become compliant in less than a year and for a small fraction of the cost they had spent prior to engaging with Deque.

In almost all cases, acquiring an enterprise tool is the third or fourth step your organization needs to take on this accessibility journey, even if you are under legal pressure. Continuing the surgery metaphor, doesn’t it make sense to first get a diagnosis of the problem and then training on how to fix, prevent, and maintain it? Before you take any journey, wouldn’t you like to first know where you are and how to get there?

Denis Thomas is an account executive with Deque Systems and has been with the company for over a year. You can reach him at denis.thomas@deque.com.

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