May #a11ychat with Shawn Lauriat from Google – Transcript

a11y chat

Did you miss our riveting #a11y #a11ychat this past Monday? Never fear!  We've got the whole #a11ychat transcription on Chirpstory.  We were joined by special guest Shawn Lauriat.  Shawn works as a software engineer focusing on accessibility of Google Docs.  He joined Google in 2011 as an engineer on the Documents team.  Shawn responded to all our Google Doc and Drive accessibility questions and shared some great… Continue Reading May #a11ychat with Shawn Lauriat from Google – Transcript

Deque at AccessU

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This week is John Slatin's AccessU presented by Knowbility.  AccessU is a three-day instructional conference comprised of educational sessions by accessibility experts from across the continent, and Deque is a very proud sponson of AccesU.  Our very own Paul Adam, Denis Boudreau, Barry Johnson, and Glenda Sims are all presenting this year. Earlier today, Glenda gave a presentation on accessibility and gamification titled, "Accessibility is Broken: A… Continue Reading Deque at AccessU

Deque Presents: Accessibility Stories

accessibility stories deque

In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Deque Systems presents "Accessibility Stories." "Accessibility Stories" is a collection of videos we recorded at the National Federation of the Blind National Convention in 2012. We invited people to come and share their experiences with web accessibility and to talk about how technology figures into and improves their lives. The result is this series of remarkable first-hand stories… Continue Reading Deque Presents: Accessibility Stories

Pragmatica11y: Perception is everything

Pragmatically with Denis Bourdeau

Back when I was a student in classic literature and creative writing some 20 years ago, one of our teachers showed how perception is often more important than the message we mean to convey. On the very first day, as we entered the room, seven words were written on the blackboard: "A woman without her man is nothing." The teacher was standing in the front… Continue Reading Pragmatica11y: Perception is everything

April #a11ychat – Violation or Best Practice?

cartoon heads with a lot of thought and speech bubbles

Not Foolin' This month's #a11ychat will be taking place on April 15th, from 5-6pm EST.  Our topic this month is "Violation or Best Practice?" There are many accessibility standards that are up for debate - are some accessibility issues actually violations or simply a violation of best practice? The Deque team  of Denis Boudreau, Glenda Sims, Todd Liebsch, Paul Adam, and Paul Bohman, are ready… Continue Reading April #a11ychat – Violation or Best Practice?

Requirements for an Accessible PDF: Part 2 – Common Accessibility Barriers

maze with arrows directing the right way

In the first post of this series, we covered why integrating accessibility at the very first steps of a project can be beneficial to the process of PDF remediation. We also covered why it is always better to plan accessibility in advance, by building it into the source document rather than bolting it onto the PDF document. The most efficient way to build in accessibility… Continue Reading Requirements for an Accessible PDF: Part 2 – Common Accessibility Barriers

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