What is Assistive Technology?

Close up on television remote control

You may have heard the term before, or you may be able to figure out what it means just by breaking down the phrase. Assistive technology is simply a "generic term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities." These devices can be used to do tasks out in the "real world", and include things like wheelchair ramps, braille on ATMs and elevators,… Continue Reading What is Assistive Technology?

Accessibility Around the Web

Every week we come across interesting articles related to the disability and accessibility world. They can be informative, funny, interesting, and even sad. Here are a few links that fit into these categories. Coming soon! Sony Entertainment and Regal Entertainment Group have partnered to develop "Access Glasses." They will be available in some Regal theaters later this month, and will caption and subtitle both 2D… Continue Reading Accessibility Around the Web

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