Pure Visibility and Deque Systems Partner to Offer Website SEO, Accessibility Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – JANUARY 19, 2012 – ANN ARBOR, MICH. – Pure Visibility, an Internet marketing company, recently reached a partnership agreement with Deque Systems, a Reston, Virginia-based firm that automates Web accessibility compliance. Together, the two companies will work with clients to improve the accessibility and visibility of websites.

“The SEO benefits when addressing website accessibility are tremendous opportunities for Pure Visibility’s clients,” said Catherine Juon, Pure Visibility co-founder. “Not only is website accessibility smart SEO, it’s smart business. By removing as many barriers to interaction with a website as possible, businesses benefit by increased visitor engagement.”

“In addition to SEO benefits, web accessibility protects businesses,” Juon added. “Not only is it increasingly mandated by law, but lawsuits are initiated on a regular basis by individuals and advocacy groups when companies do not make information or services available to all users. Working with Pure Visibility and Deque to develop an accessible website lowers a company’s exposure to these potential lawsuits.”

Web accessibility is an area of website development and design rooted in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). More recently, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 broadened the ADA to include Internet Protocol-based communication and video programming and producers of online video content. Any company that employs more than fifteen people is legally required comply with accessibility laws related to web-based hiring, recruitment, or training, under Title I of the ADA.

Accessible websites are those free of barriers for people with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities. The impact of disability has radically changed on the web because it removes barriers to communication and interaction that many people face in the physical world. Yet poorly designed websites or web technologies can create barriers, excluding people from using the web.

“Web accessibility and SEO go hand-in-hand,” said Preety Kumar, CEO, Deque. “Integrating both into a website strategy helps a business better connect with site visitors and improve the overall functionality of the site.”

Pure Visibility was introduced to Deque by The Whole Brain Group, another Ann Arbor-based company.

About Pure Visibility, Inc.

Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., Pure Visibility is an experienced Internet marketing company that serves companies invested in turning their online marketing into a competitive advantage that drives sales growth. Through a combination of proprietary processes and best practices, Pure Visibility builds an Internet marketing strategy that drives qualified new prospects to your website, and steadily improves the rate at which those prospects become customers. This closed-loop system enables deep analysis that ultimately leads to significant sales growth. Pure Visibility is one of only a few companies in the world with a depth of analytics expertise across the industry’s most popular tools made by Yahoo! and Google, including certifications in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Urchin, and Google Website Optimizer, making Pure Visibility uniquely qualified to implement this online sales program for companies with complex marketing challenges. Pure Visibility is WBENC certified. For more information, visit PureVisibility.com.

About Deque Systems

Deque Systems, Inc. headquartered in Reston, VA, is a leading technology provider of end to end, integrated Web accessibility solutions. Deque’s unmatched abilities have earned the trust of government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and small to midsized businesses seeking to optimize their Web based systems and empower employees to work collaboratively. Deque is an SBA 8(a) and SDB Certified woman owned business that values diversity. For more information, visit www.deque.com.