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Amaze Accessibility Overlay

Here at Deque we are always pursuing new innovations in web accessibility, and we believe that our newest offering is a real game-changer.  I am very happy to announce a completely new and revolutionary software platform called Amaze that expands the ways that web sites and mobile applications can be made accessible to all users.

Amaze provides companies with a faster and easier process to make their digital content available to web users who are disabled.  But what make Amaze a truly exciting product – besides its speed, efficiency, and ease of use – is the Amaze Accessibility Overlay.

The Accessibility Overlay applies a layer of accessible user interface elements that replaces any inaccessible parts of a web page. For example, a site might have a customer service form with a mislabeled “submit” button that makes it invisible to a customer who is blind and using a screen reader.  If organizations utilize third-party sites and services for activities like social media, benefits, or even maps, Amaze Accessibility Overlays can make those resources accessible without having to reprogram a single line of source code.

The bottom line: Amaze is an easy-to-install end user plugin that provides a rapid, cost-effective, and secure solution for making web resources accessible without affecting a site’s performance in any way.

Deque’s Amaze technology is available today and is currently in use by a number of customers.  If you would like more information or to request a demo, I encourage you to sign-up at

Preety Kumar

Deque Systems, CEO

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