Prepare to be Amazed

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Is your organization struggling with how to handle website accessibility? If you need to quickly make your site compliant with web accessibility standards, Deque's revolutionary new product Amaze is exactly the solution you have have been looking for.

Amaze is a server-based solution that delivers instant accessibility fixes directly to the user, making your website accessible on the fly.

Download our Amaze product overview and learn:

  • Its Benefits to Your Business
  • How Amaze Works
  • Information About Its Security, Speed and Scalability
  • Amaze and Its Impact on the Development Lifecycle





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    Hi Dave –

    We apologize for not getting back with you, there must have been a technical issue. We didn’t find a contact form for someone with your name, so we’re not sure what happened. What can we help you with?

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    Have you ever considered having your sales team get in contact with potential customers that have tried to contact My boss has contacted your company through your website, as have I, and neither of us has received a reply. I can only assume you’re not interested in generating new sales.

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