Overview of ARIA, JavaScript, and Interactive Web Accessibility [VIDEO]

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In October, Deque and jQuery presented the two-day JavaScript Accessibility Summit. Joseph Scheuhammer's presentation on ARIA, JavaScript, and Interactive Web Accessibility is presented below. Joseph Scheuhammer, PhD., is the Senior Developer at the Inclusive Design Research Centre (OCAD University). He is also a member of the W3C working group defining the WAI-ARIA standard, and editor of the User Agent Implementation Guide and Authoring Practices Guide.

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Recap of Joseph Scheuhammer's Talk about Interactive Web Accessibility

This session took a closer look at the challenges of interactive web accessibility, and how to solve those challenges with solid accessibility strategies, including an overview of how to use ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) to improve accessibility for people who use assistive technologies.

Joseph Scheuhammer has contributed to the specification for ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), so he was in a unique situation to give us valuable perspective on why the specification exists, what ARIA is for, what it accomplishes, and how it can help people with disabilities. ARIA allows web developers to create accessible interactive HTML content in ways that were either very difficult or impossible before. By exposing names, roles, states, and properties of elements, and by making any necessary changes on the fly as the content changes, web developers can communicate the dynamic nature of content to assistive technology users in ways that make the overall interaction accessible and usable.

ARIA, JavaScript, and Interactive Web Accessibility Video

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