Multimedia and Accessibility: It’s Good for Everybody!

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In the third and final video in our Multimedia and Accessibility series, Glenda Sims shares why making videos accessible is good for everyone, and how students at university are using the transcripts to study for classes.

Please go to to request our white paper, and learn more about how the CVAA affects online audiovisual content distributers.

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Video Transcript


An added benefit to making your multimedia accessible by adding captions and transcripts


is that it's actually going to help all your users. While initially you may be thinking,


'Oh, this is more my users that cannot hear,' we've seen time and time again in research


that, when the captions are added to the multimedia, that it begins to help all users. For example,


on university campuses, students are using the captions and transcripts to study for


their test. There's a high incidence of them being able to search the hour-long lecture


of their professor and find the exact point where the professor is discussing the concept


that they wanted to review. Rather than searching through the video manually, they can do a


transcript search and get right to that point in the video for their learning activity.


In addition, there's a lot of research that shows that we learn best when we learn through


multiple modes, so when you are hearing something and you are also seeing something, you retain


it better. In this way captions, for some people, help sink that information into your


head deeper. You're listening to the speaker and you're also able to read the captions.


The option to turn it on or off, to read the transcript again, enables us to learn the


information at a deeper level.

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