Mobile Web Accessibility with jQuery [Slideshow]

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The Javascript Accessibility Summit was held earlier this month as part of an ongoing partnership between Deque and jQuery. We are still hearing great feedback about the event and we're pleased to share with you Paul J. Adam's slides from his talk on Mobile Web Accessibility. Paul J. Adam is an Accessibility Evangelist at Deque Systems and is a mobile accessibility expert.

Mobile Web Accessibility is More Important Than Ever

Mobile web is an emerging area of web accessibility. Mobile use is exploding and smartphone owners are increasingly using their devices as a primary way to access the web.  Paul talked about the accessibility features in iOS and Android and how mobile devices are revolutionizing accessibility for people with people with disabilities.

Paul's talk on Mobile Web Accessibility featured a slideshow developed with jQuery Mobile to create a universally accessible presentation that will work on any accessibility enabled device. (PowerPoint & PDF formats are not universally accessible.)

To access Paul's slideshow on Mobile Web Accessibility slideshow please follow this link:

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