Mobile Application Accessibility – Are You Prepared?

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You have probably read the headlines: mobile growth is exploding. According to the latest 2013 statistics, 56% of Americans now have a smartphone and fully 50% of those users rely on it for their primary internet access. At the same time, digital accessibility has become a hot issue with more and more legal requirements and settlements to ensure equal access to technology for those with disabilities. Increasingly these lawsuits are including mobile accessibility and companies find themselves unprepared.

The Importance of Mobile Accessibility

Now more than ever, it is imperative that mobile app companies and developers ensure that their products are fully accessible. To provide more information about the issue of mobile accessibility and offer help to remediate inaccessible apps, Deque Systems has created a whitepaper.

The Mobile Accessibility whitepaper includes:

  • How accessibility is different for mobile sites, content and applications than it is for traditional use cases
  • ROI and new opportunities that mobile accessibility offers companies
  • Mobile accessibility liability issues and requirements
  • How new technology can accelerate making existing mobile applications accessible more rapidly
  • How Deque can help mobile accessibility projects

Download Mobile Accessibility Whitepaper Now

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