Meet the Deque and jQuery Accessibility Experts, Part 2

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Deque is partnering once again with jQuery to bring you the JavaScript Accessibility Summit. On January 16 & 17, this live event held at Deque headquarters in Herndon, VA will bring you front and center with web and mobile accessibility experts. Get to know the experts who will be presenting at the Javascript Accessibility Summit in part two of a two-part series. Meet the other experts introduced in part one.

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jQuery and Digital Accessibility Experts

Scott GonzalezScott González


Scott González is a full-stack web application developer living in York, Pennsylvania. He has been contributing to jQuery since 2007 and is currently the project lead for jQuery UI, jQuery's official user interface library. Scott is also active in the node.js, WHATWG, and W3C communities. He co-authored the jQuery Cookbook published by O'Reilly, has contributed articles for jsmag, and speaks regularly at conferences. Follow him @scott_gonzalez


Travis G. Marasca

After 10+ years in various IT/Design/UX Roles, Travis officially turned his focus towards Accessibility in 2010. While drawn to the field at first by the technical challenges it presented, the idea of ensuring digital technologies lived up to their potential of providing services and experiences to all humans has kept him engaged.  Travis is big on "practical" accessibility, and loves finding innovative ways to identify and influence the right partners to bring accessible digital experiences to the end-user. Travis spends much of his free time hacking around with code and other geeky stuff. He and his team took home 1st place in Knowbility's Accessible Internet Rally (OpenAIR) last year, and are participating this year as well. Follow him @marascatron

Ian KellyIan Kelly


Ian Kelly is Principal Software Architect at Deque Systems where he is responsible for the development of the Amaze product.   Ian is a Software Engineer with 20 years experience working in a variety of different industries including Life Sciences, Aerospace & Traffic & Transportation.  Prior to joining Deque he was CTO of a small biotech company developing software and instrumentation solutions for protein research.


Birkir GunnarssonBirkir Gunnarsson

After graduating with Bachelor degrees in Finance and Computer Science from Yale University in 2002, Birkir worked for 5 years in the banking sector as an analyst and programmer. After the banking crisis, he needed to find a new career. In the fall of 2009, Birkir wrote an extensive article for an Icelandic magazine explaining how the lack of accessibility was limiting his options to apply for jobs in his home country of Iceland, and how we needed to turn this around. A few months later the chairman of Blindrafelagid, the Iceland Organization for the Visually Impaired contacted him and was hired to spearhead the accessibility efforts in Iceland. Since then, Birkir has expanded his impact on digital accessibility by also consulting with the Iceland National Institute for the Blind and as an Accessibility Subject Matter Expert with Deque Systems. Tweet him @birkir_gun


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