Learn Web & Mobile Accessibility with Deque and jQuery Experts

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Have you registered for the January 2014 JavaScript Accessibility Summit? Our first event was a such a huge success, we wanted to offer a second in the new year.

Here are some highlights from our October event:

Please join us at Deque headquarters on January 16-17 for a two-day event that will bring you forefront with the experts in web accessibility. This event will cover the most common web accessibility issues encountered in jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile, options available to remedy the most common accessibility problems found in applications that use jQuery, and techniques needed to make jQuery components accessible.

JavaScript Accessibility Summit

Topics covered will include:

  • Web Accessibility Fundamentals (presented by Glenda Sims)
  • An Overview of ARIA, JavaScript, and Interactive Web Accessibility (presented by Dylan Barrell)
  • HTML 5 Accessibility
  • Accessible Interactive Forms and Form Validation (presented by Ian Kelly)
  • Web Accessibility Testing Techniques (presented by Brooks Newton)
  • Testing with Screen Readers (presented by Birkir Gunnarsson)
  • jQuery Mobile Accessibility (presented by Paul Adam)
  • A jQuery UI Accessibility Face-Off (lead by Travis Marasca, Capital One)
  • And a special keynote address from jQuery

Register now for an early-bird registration fee of just $295


Regular registration will cost $325. Snacks, lunch, and breakfast provided. There is an optional Thursday night dinner for an additional $25. Please contact Caitlin Cashin (caitlin.cashin@deque.com) if you have any additional questions. Deque has a special group rate at the Embassy Suite, Dulles Airport.

Register for JavaScript Accessibility Summit

Come learn from the Deque's jQuery and web accessibility experts!


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