Learn About Web Accessibility with Upcoming Webinars from Deque

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Fall is is in the air and students are headed back to school. Why not take a little time to learn something new yourself? Whether you are brand-new to digital accessibility, or just want to learn more, Deque offers a variety of free webinars to keep you on the cutting edge.


Section 508 Refresh - September 17th

If you are part of a government agency, you need to know how these upcoming updates to Section 508 will impact your organization. Learn about the Section 508 refresh from our experts! Click here to register!


Accessibility 101 - September 25th

Are you an accessibility newbie? Our introductory Accessibility 101 webinar is for you! From what it is to how to make a website accessible, we'll teach you the nuts and bolts of what you need to get started.  Click here to register!


AODA Compliance - October 9th

If you have questions about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, we've got a free informative webinar for you. Learn about AODA legislation, how it affects you, and techniques to become compliant. Click here to register!


How does the CVAA affect you? - October 15th

Everyone is talking about the captioning aspect of the CVAA, but what about the Advanced Communications Services (ACS) component of the law? ACS products such as VOIP, text messaging, email, IMs, and video conferences need to be made accessible, but "new communication technologies" are also part of the law. Our webinar will explore what this expanding scope could mean to you and your business. Click here to register!


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